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Google Finance App

Google Finance App -

A rundown of every single Stock Exchange, Mutual Funds, Indexes, and other monetary data accessible in the 
Google Finance App.

Google Finance is a free Android stock app that shows stock quotes from various stock trade markets. Google Finance is an official Google Finance App in Google Play Store. 

With Google Finance app, you can undoubtedly follow stock quotes from DOW, S&P 500, and Nasdaq. 

Likewise, the app permits you to check the stock arrangement of your preferred organization. Simply type the name of the organization and search the current stock arrangement of that organization. 

You can add different organization's names which you require and check refreshed stock quotes any time of time on your Android telephone. 

Aside from all these, the app even permits you to check the most recent news identified with stock markets. Invigorate the page and check for the most recent refreshed stock market news on your Android telephone. 

Every one of the stock quotes which you check is given from Google Finance. Alongside the stock market status, the app likewise gives a graphical show of good and bad times of stock quotes concerning Google Finance. 

You can check the nitty-gritty information which incorporates the current stock quotes with the level of ups and downs. 

Additionally, tap on any organization stock quotes to check the nitty-gritty data which incorporates the base stock trade market from where Google Finance is pulling the information, precise increment or lessening of the stock statement, rate increment or decline, and the connected news. 

Why Do You Need Google Finance App: 

Looking for Stock quotes of various organizations becomes interesting when you are looking through it on any brilliant gadget and that too on the program. 

Google Finance app assists you with straightforwardly tracking down the stock quotes of various organizations by straightforwardly looking at the organization's name. No extra or undesirable data. 

Simply the stock quotes of the chose organization and the most recent news identified with the stock quotes looked. You don't need any program to look for. Simply discover everything in one single app. 

Features Of Google Finance App: 

  • Check stock quotes from various stock markets. 
  • Stock markets incorporate DOW, S&P 500, and Nasdaq. 
  • Quest for stock quotes of any organization. 
  • Discloses to you the rate change which incorporates good and bad times of stock quotes. 
  • You can check the graphical show of stock quotes in the Google Finance app. 
  • Discloses to you the refreshed news identified with the stock market.

Exchanges and Indexes

  • End of day prices given by Morningstar. Corporate Actions data given by Thomson Reuters.
  • Intraday data might be given by ICE Data Services.

Real-time price data

Real-time price data addresses exchanges which execute on the NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges. Volume data, just as price data for exchanges that don't execute on those exchanges, are united and postponed by 15 minutes.


All data and data is given "with no guarantees" for instructive purposes just and isn't planned for exchanging purposes or monetary, speculation, charge, lawful, bookkeeping, or other exhortation. Kindly counsel your merchant or monetary agent to check evaluating prior to executing any exchange.

Google isn't a venture counsel, monetary counselor, or protection representative. 

None of the data and data comprises speculation guidance nor a contribution, suggestion, or sales by Google to purchase, sell or hold any security or monetary item, and Google makes no portrayal (and has no assessment) with regard to the prudence or reasonableness of any venture.

None of the data and data establishes venture guidance (regardless of whether general or tweaked).

The monetary items or tasks alluded to in such data and data may not be appropriate for your speculation profile and venture goals or assumptions.

It is your duty to consider whether any monetary item or activity is appropriate for you dependent on your inclinations, venture goals, speculation skyline, and hazard appetite.

Google will not be at risk for any harm emerging from any tasks or interests in monetary items alluded to inside. Google doesn't suggest utilizing the data and data gave as the solitary premise to settling on any venture choice.

Data is given by monetary exchanges and other substance suppliers and might be deferred as determined by monetary exchanges or other data suppliers.

Google doesn't check any data and renounces any commitment to do as such.