AMD Stock: About, Quotes & Daily Live Data

AMD Stock: About, Quotes & Daily Live Data

AMD Stock: About & Quotes - Google Finance

Here we are going to talk about AMD stock, what is MD stock, what is its full form, when was it established, where is its head office, who is its current CEO, what does it work on, or say its products what are the.

So let's start with AMD stock. 

AMD Stock

In early 2018 AMD stock was trading at $ 11.8800. In early September of the same year, the stock began to trade at $ 31.2100. After some ups and downs, AMD stock has continued to move upwards. As the figures show on the yearly chart.

If we talk about the performance of this stock from year to year, then this stock has not discouraged its investors, doubling investors' money every year.

If we talk about current cinereous, then this stock has gained in an incredible way like no other stocks could. According to the latest information, this stock is trading at $ 91.660 on December 8, 2020, which is a wonderful thing for the investors who are associated with it and it is expected that according to the market pundits that MD stock slowed in the same way Will slowly grow further.

But the request to investors is that before investing in it, they should get complete information on their behalf and only then invest.

Because this company engages in the provision of advanced micro devices and ink semiconductor businesses. Which includes desktop and notebook processors in the computing and graphics segment.

About AMD

The organization has its head office in Santa Clara, CA, which was founded by WJ Sanders Third on May 1, 1969. The name entered for AMD is Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Regular Stock.

AMD has provided an astonishing change over the years, operating with new items and improving profits. In addition, AMD stock has since risen.

AMD opened its doors to the world in September 1972. AMD closed down its core products and moved into a non-semiconductor business in March 2009 in a joint effort called GlobalFoundries.

It participates in the arrangement of semiconductor organizations.

The computing and graphics piece covers the work area and notes pad processors and chipsets, showing discrete and coordinated diagrams of units, server farms and specialist GPUs, and advancement administrations.

AMD Stock: About & Quotes -

Is The Right Time To BUY AMD Stock?

AMD Stock: About & Quotes -

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Other Important Quotes of AMD Stock

Volume - 33,804,412

65 Day Avg Volume - 49,684,471

1 Day Range

89.03 - 92.09

52 Week Range

36.75(03/18/2020) - 96.37(12/02/2020)

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In the board given below, AMD stock is shown as a live chat, you can also study this chart closely in different time frames. If you wish, you can also monitor any other stocks of your choice from here, in which you can set the time to see the chart. Which shows the price of the stock at that time and its position. 

Chart viewing method: When you move the mouse pointer over the chart, you will see a big plus (+) sign. Here you will be able to monitor the chart more thoroughly by moving it by pressing the left click of your mouse. 

Sometimes when you look at such a chart board usually a fixed data appears but when you press the left click of the mouse, you will check the left side or right side, then the fixed date which you see is changing as you want. 

So in this easy way you can see any chart board. I hope you got it

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