Finance Yahoo: API, Pros & Cons, Quotes, QnA - YFB

Finance Yahoo: API, Pros & Cons, Quotes, QnA - YFB

Finance Yahoo, At this, you get unfastened stock fees, updated information, portfolio management sources, international marketplace data, message forums, and mortgage fees.

Yahoo! Finance is a media asset this is a part of Yahoo!’s community. It provides monetary news, records and commentary which include inventory fees, press releases, monetary reviews, and unique programming. It additionally offers a few online types of equipment for non-public finance management.

Finance yahoo is not anything however the format of yahoo finance due to the fact yahoo finance is written there whilst we disburse it in an internet shape. Speak via people, it has grown to be a term. Regularly people do no longer speak it as yahoo finance, however, they also say finance yahoo. There is no factor in getting careworn. It addresses the equal in both methods.

It is not viable to write down the entirety approximately it, yes, but we can discuss a few vital things related to it.Finance Yahoo: Stock Market Reports, Quotes, YF Questions - Yahoo Finance Buddy -

 So permit's get started out.

Is yahoo finance API Free?

Yahoo finance is a media platform that offers economic news, facts approximately inventory quotes, press releases, and economic reviews. And all the facts furnished with the aid of yahoo finance is unfastened. The Yahoo Finance API is the one that helps Yahoo to provide economic facts and Yahoo itself was up-graded their finance in 2017.

5 Best Exceptional Yahoo finance API options or alternatives

The free yahoo finance API has long been a dependable records source for plenty of traders. Lower back in might also 2017th, yahoo decided to shut down the yahoo finance API sooner or later. Or even earlier than this step, the yahoo finance API changed into changed regularly.

I used it for a long term to export a huge amount of ancient records for stocks. I've constructed diverse day buying and selling systems and facts fashions with these facts.

It became so simple. You entered an inventory symbol:

Yahoo finance API alternatives

# 1. EOD Historical Information or Data

EOD Historical information enterprise is presently my cross-to area for market statistics. 760,276,748 monetary records factors are to be had proper now.

  • They provide 30+ years of ancient records and 20+ years of essential data.
  • They cover 60+ stock exchanges, cryptocurrencies, and foreign exchange pairs. ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds also are supported.
  • The most highly-priced bundle is only $49. Ninety-nine according to month and springs with 100,000 API requests in keeping with day, the complete EOD-information, essential facts, bonds datasets, options information, splits and dividends records. This package offers subscribers get right of entry to to all records.

For $19.99 in step with month, you already get right of entry to 60+ inventory exchanges, indexes, and forex pairs with 100,000 API requests in line with day. Students keep any other 50% if they contact support before creating a purchase. Therefore, EOD historical facts is a good yahoo finance substitute.

EOD ancient records give a top-notch knowledgebase with truly based documentation on the way to use the API. Non-public investors can also keep in mind unfastened excel-templates and equipped-to-move solutions for excel, Matlab, WordPress, and home windows. I like the excel VBA downloader because the VBA module's source code is freely handy, and adjustments can be easily made.

Organizations consider the use of their ai directly and join through python, PHP/Laravel, java API, c#. Internet, f sharp and other supported technology.

Every other plus is that most of the people in their records come from NASDAQ basic API, along with 14 different records resources. Here you can sign up for a free account and get an API key for testing.

# 2. Market stack

The market stack offers restful API endpoints with as much as 30+ years of historical records and real-time updates at the better-priced plans. With their records, you can begin your tasks. Market stack does offer free get entry to their API and has the ambition to offer a better solution than the yahoo finance API ever had.

Right now, there are five exclusive plans available. The loose plan covers up to 100,000 EOD-facts requests according to month with 1 12 months of historic information. Obviously, this loose plan is for testing.

The simple plan for $9. Ninety-nine per month already comes with 10,000 requests according to month and 10 years of each day ancient information. Even ancient intraday-information is being provided. For people who need more information points, monthly plans from $ forty-nine. Ninety-nine and higher are to be had.

All of them include 30+ of historical statistics, with intraday or even actual-time updates. The every year billing comes with a 20% cut price. A market stack is a part of the organisation a participant gmbh with offices in Austria and the UK.

Finance Yahoo: Stock Market Reports, Quotes, YF Questions - Yahoo Finance Buddy -

# 3. Alphavantage

Alphavantage was composed via a good-knit community of enterprise experts, researchers, and engineers. Via now, alpha vantage inc. Is a leading provider of various unfastened APIs. Using the API enables you to benefit get right of entry to historical and actual-time stock information, fx-records, and cryptocurrency statistics.

With Alphavantage, you may carry out as much as 5 unfastened API-requests in keeping with minute. The freest requests consistent with the day are restrained to 500. This manner, the server-aspect overall performance for all customers is tremendous.

You want to get a top rate API key to system more API-request. Witch this type of premium plan, you haven't any daily limits, and you can cancel anytime.

Intraday and end-of-day information are to be had, however only historical records. Inventory, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency statistics feed with 50+ technical indicators and international insurance are on hand. Alas, there's no legit contact facts to be had on their internet site.

Also, the excel add-on comes as a .Exe setup report and no longer as visible copyable supply code. You need to at once join your favoured tool thru inventory APIs in JSON with the API-key to keep away from the usage of an installer.

# 4. Quandl

Quandl is a market for market statistics, centre economic statistics, economic records, and extra based in Toronto. Records analysts revel in codecs like python, excel, Matlab, r, and particular facts units. Greater than four hundred,000 buyers use their platform, and in particular hedge budget, fintech companies, and corporates use their carrier.

Is Quandl a superb opportunity to yahoo finance API?

The pricing shape is a bit extra complex. To gain get admission to it, you need to check-in for a loose account first. I decide on paying a monthly charge for getting right of entry to to all records. With Quandl, you want to know exactly what you're seeking out because many facts bundles are available.

Each of these market facts programs has a separate price. Fortunately, there are numerous free facts applications to be had to test their API. When you signed up at no cost and showed your e-mail cope with, you could have a look at every information-set bundle's payment options.

As an instance, the day by day our equities and fund expenses bundle published by sea radar costs $49/month. Nasdaq received Quandl in December 2018, so it could be considered as an excellent data supply. Now, let's see how the subsequent alternative to yahoo finance API performs.

# 5. Intrinio

Intrinio is the 4th alternative to yahoo finance API. Intrinio's task is to use marketplace records to empower innovators to outline the destiny of finance. Their proprietary xbrl standardizer utilizes machine gaining knowledge of algorithms for an automated mapping method to archive 99.Eight% accurate data before human overview.

The Intrinio internet site changed, and whilst they formerly additionally provided their information to private buyers, they now consciousness on fintech, economic institutions, public businesses, and startups.

Businesses can request a session to research extra approximately their fundamental facts, market data, and sec datasets. There's no legit pricing to be had on their internet site anymore, however, I might consider that the fee tag is excessive.

Features of Yahoo! Finance

Monetary Information Prices –

The objective of this website became to offer investors the current economic statistics that help them make informed choices concerning investments.

Outstanding Person Interface –

The website has a better look and person interface compared to comparable apps.

Custom Designed Views/Tables –

The platform lets the consumer personalize perspectives and tables for better evaluation.


  • Prepared homepage – the platform consists of a is a nicely-structured homepage that is simple to manoeuvre.
  • Fewer drop-down tabs – this option makes it clean to navigate and that so it favours even newbie buyers.
  • Unfastened statistics – the yahoo! Finance website gives loose statistics at the same time as numerous other comparable programs rate a month-to-month subscription for related data.
  • Offers monetary records of character stocks – yahoo! Finance enables the person to test dividend history and calculates returns manually.


  • Cluttered marketplace web page – the site best shows a few lately viewed indices and shares which is cluttered with quite a few pop-up commercials and sponsored content material.
  • Constrained screener – yahoo! Finance web page has a restrained wide variety of criteria and tiers. Additionally, it is difficult to evaluate the shares in the website online against every different like in other similar apps.
  • Basic warmth map – the platform has a restricted quantity of heat maps, and the visualizations don’t have the simple interactive functions.
  • Aggregated information most effective – customers have to rely upon the information most effective since the site does no longer offer any additional statistics regarding the quarterly reports or the sec shape-4 filings.
  • No portfolio chart - This platform provides no separate space or any other consideration for the performance of the portfolio and Watch list chart. The website has some charting capabilities compared to other similar apps.

Yahoo! Finance is a super application with exquisite functions and advantages. However, it additionally has several obstacles that make it lack the professional enchantment that investor’s desire.

What're the Best alternatives to Yahoo finance?

 7 Best alternatives to YFinance 

  1. Google finance

Released in 2006, google finance is most of the first-rate options to yahoo! Finance. Both google and yahoo! Finance is loose to customers.

Investors have trusted google finance to display their portfolios, study information and consider actual-time inventory charts.

Both Yahoo! Finance and google finance is exquisite structures that offer standard financial market records, funding facts, and stock costs.

Google finance re-released in 2017, and you may access the brand new google finance at google.Com/finance.

  1. Motley fool

Some other high-quality yahoo! Finance alternative is Motley. Based in 1993, It offers inventory buyers equipment to assist them in investments.

The platform is a flagship made from two brothers tom and David Gardner and is based totally in Virginia Alexandria.

  1. Finbox.Io

Finbox.Io is but another one of the most reliable alternatives to yahoo! Finance and the quality opportunity stock screeners. The platform is ideal for traders and investors who're targeted on quantitative and essential analysis.

The platform is user-pleasant and specializes in two categories which consist of reading stock basics and developing stock thoughts.

  1. MSN Cash

Msn money is my next pick and one of the first-rate yahoo! Finance options. Designed through Microsoft, MSN money is some other great monetary internet site.

The platform gives the users with real-time inventory fees, financial planners, calculators and tools that help them in solving their financial needs.

  1. Morningstar

Morningstar additionally comes in handy while seeking out options to yahoo! Finance. The platform suggests additional statistics along with the competitors and even complete financials.

  1. Barchart

Barchart is an appealing choice for those looking up for options to yahoo! Finance. The platform gives inventory information generally designed for technical investors. The platform gives a rapid market overview and allows the consumer studies stocks, alternative, forex, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

  1. Investing.Com

Investing.Com is yet any other one of the best alternatives to Yahoo! Finance. The platform is an internationally-primarily based platform released in 2007.

While to begin with constructed as a forex platform, investing.Com, later diversified to different multiple investment categories including bonds, inventory, options, futures, cryptocurrencies, currencies, and commodities.

The platform is available in an internet model, as well as for ios and android cell devices. Investing.Com The platform offers streaming fees, tremendous chart capability, technical records, also financial news and organic analysis.


Some important questions and answers related to Finance Yahoo or Yahoo Finance that you should know.

Finance Yahoo: Stock Market Reports, Quotes, YF Questions - Yahoo Finance Buddy -

1. What's an Inventory or Stock Certificate?

In corporate law, an inventory certificate (additionally called certificates of stock or percentage certificate) is a legal file that certifies ownership of a specific wide variety of shares of stock in an enterprise. 

2. What's a Cyclical Inventory (Stock)?

A cyclical inventory is equity security whose rate is tormented by the united states of America and downs inside the typical financial system. 

3. What is the Desired (Preferred) Stock?

Favoured stock (additionally referred to as desired stocks, desire shares or definitely preferred) is a form of inventory which can also have an aggregate of capabilities not possessed by common stock which include homes of both an equity and a debt device and is generally considered a hybrid instrument. 

4. What's an Inventory Declaration (Stock Statement)?

An inventory assertion is a business announcement that offers information on the cost and amount of inventory-related transactions. This declaration describes how a good deal stock became purchased at what value and whilst and is a matter of money owed and finance furnished by way of the coins credit account holder (e.g. A non-public confined company) to banks supplying loans at an ordinary interval. 

5. What do you do with an Inventory (Stock) Certificate?

The inventory certificates give the legal capability to perform several exceptional responsibilities involving the stocks of stock. Among these rights and privileges are such essential tasks as buying and selling the shares or participating in shareholder’s conferences. 

6. What's a Percentage (Share) Certificate?

A proportion certificate is a written report signed on behalf of a company that serves as prison proof of ownership of the variety of shares indicated. Certificated inventory refers to commodity stock that has been inspected and determined to be of foundation grade to be used in futures market buying and selling. 

7. What're the Records of Inventory (History of Stock) Certificates?

Whilst the investment world is filled with savvy traders who have been buying and promoting shares considering 1985, they'll have in no way seen a bodily share of stock. The records of the inventory certificate are full of thrilling data dating returned to 1606 when parchment paper became king. 

8. What are the Gift Certificates?

The certificate used as gifts or bought by using creditors frequently constitute the simplest one share. In this example, the proportion quantity is listed multiple instances one after every other as a matrix. The number of stocks published may additionally turn out to be inaccurate because the result of inventory splits. 

9. What's the Subsequent Row of Yahoo Finance?

The subsequent row of yahoo finance is the subsequent income launch date. Income releases are crucial for 2 reasons. Primary, that is whilst the performance of an employer is evaluated. Effects are as compared to estimates, and the inventory fee will move based on this data. Secondly, new estimates are released in this day as properly. 

10. What's Yahoo Volume?

Amateur’s Guide to the yahoo finance numbers. Quantity refers back to the wide variety of stocks that have been offered and bought for the day. That is similar to the beta, however, the extent gives us a precise wide variety of simply how a good deal volatility stock may probably have. The difference between extent and volatility is that stock might have heavy quantity.

Finance Yahoo: Stock Market Reports, Quotes, YF Questions - Yahoo Finance Buddy -

11. What's Cash Flow in Finance?

Coins go with the flow cash waft (cf) is the boom or lower in the quantity of money a business, organization, or individual has. In finance, the time period is used to explain the number of coins (foreign money) that is generated or fed on in a given time period. There are numerous styles of cf. 

12. What is the Yahoo Portal?

Yahoo operated a portal that provides the latest news, enjoyment, and sports information. The portal additionally gave users get entry to other yahoo offerings like yahoo! Search, yahoo mail, yahoo maps, yahoo finance, yahoo corporations and yahoo messenger. 

13. What Services does Yahoo Provide?

Yahoo operated a portal that offers today's news, amusement, and sports facts. The portal additionally gave users get entry to exclusive yahoo services like yahoo! Seek, yahoo mail, yahoo maps, yahoo finance, yahoo corporations and yahoo messenger. 

14. What is Yahoo Platform?

Yahoo! Is a web portal that includes a seek engine and a listing of world huge net websites organized in a hierarchy of subject matter classes. 

15. What's a Yahoo Site?

Yahoo! Is a web portal that consists of a seek engine and a directory of global-wide internet web sites organized in a hierarchy of subject matter classes. 

16. Did Yahoo Close Down the Finance API?

  • Is Yahoo Inventory (stock) API Shut Down?

Yes! Yahoo inventory API became close down without caution in 2017. It quite plenty destroyed their popularity as a “dependable API company”. It’s being debated that it became due to excessive utilization of their servers from of computerized CSV downloads that did not require a login. The lesson I discovered became to use a relied on, industrial provider.

  • Is Yahoo Finance API Dependable?

The unfastened yahoo finance API has long been a dependable data source for many buyers. Lower back in may also 2017th, yahoo decided to shut down the yahoo finance API subsequently. Or even earlier than this step, the yahoo finance API become modified often. I used it for a long time to export a large number of historical statistics for shares.

  • Is Yahoo API Open to the Public?

Good day, yahoo had its API open to the public, unbeknownst to the exchanges and one of a kind records corporations whose facts they had been the usage of. So each person who becomes using the yahoo finance API turned into essentially the usage of it illegally with or without understanding it. The exchanges sooner or later caught wind of it and it wasn’t till rapidly after that the API got shut down.

  • Is Yahoo Finance Unfastened (Free)?

No. Unfortunately, the yahoo finance API on RapidAPI is not loose. But, it does provide a simple tier this is free as much as the primary 500 API calls. Following that, it fees $0.002 consistent with additional API name.