Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step

We are back with a new topic - Yahoo Finance.

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step

In today's topic, I actually want to show you The best ways to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! step-by-step on website Yahoo Finance. 

And I’m going to tell you this like Yahoo Finance is probably one of the most useful Investments websites. I think it's pretty underrated as well, like a lot of people use it.
But basically, I want to show you like a few cool tips and features of how to actually utilize the website. So let's get straight into it.

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step

At the top you're going to see all the market details. So as you can see there's a Nasdaq stock exchange, there's S&P 500, there's Dow Jones and there's also Canadian to the US for exchange

This information is a good outline because a lot of the stocks when you are trading they do follow the market patterns

So meaning that if the market is on the upper trend and if the economy is doing good, that means your stock will most likely be in Korean. So that's essentially called a bullish market

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step


Ideally, all the stocks are going out and the market is going up, about something you need to look out for now at the top right, you're going to see a section where you have your Portfolios. 

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step

Where you can actually add a lot of stocks and different symbols to your portfolio, as you can see I only have four right now which I am basically changing up my portfolio

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step

But if you want to add a symbol you can either click add a symbol here so just make sure to click on your portfolio and over here at the bottom you will see a section where it says create your own portfolio

When once you've named your portfolio and you go open that up, just make sure to add the symbol

The stocks that you kind of want to watch or maybe the stocks that you're already currently invested in. I just as a courtesy you can take in.

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step
(for example Amazon Incorporated so it will pop up over here and also at the top the writer’s corner you can select add a lot).

What that means is essentially when you bought the security and then how many shares you bought and the cost per share like all that stuffs, click on "My Holdings" where you can select (+Add Lot) this sign. 

So that will give you an idea of how well you're performing.

And you've realized games on the specific security so that's kind of cool it really comes handy when you're watching your portfolio can you always want to make sure you're up to date on all of your stocks so that's one of the most important rules.


Now under screeners, this is also a convenient very handy tool if you want to essentially like buy a stock, and you have criteria for it. 

But we want our like filter, so you go to Equity Screeners unless you want to select like an ETF or a Mutual Fund or something.

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step


At the top you're going to see your region, So this is basically where the market is. You can either add the United States or you can even add Canada if that's what you wish to do.

Let's take an example it goes put Canada, I know these are basically market cap industries

A small-cap is basically smaller companies, mid-cap is medium size, large-cap is basically just larger companies and mega-cap are those companies like Amazon.

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step

So we can select large-cap, for example, and mega-cap, now we have estimated 1920 companies that are the filter that we have applied
If we add more companies we're going to get like 1000 and 16600+ companies so that's a lot. But let's keep it on the bigger side, we'll keep it.

Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step

lue Chip price equal to greater than $100, so you can see there are only 670 companies that are greater and not sector and then just make sure to add the sector of where you kind of want to filter out your companies.

 So from you can put financial services you know a lot of financial services or banks, there are a lot of Blue Chip stocks.

 You can also add an industry if you want, for example, Banks. If you can see, we only have three that are filtered out so click finds stocks. 

Basically, you're going to have like one of the top performers like blue-chip mega sensei, mega-cap stocks.

Now the date change that's actually pretty good, so with the market increase like these talks is up 6%. It's showing significant returns

This is some of the features that you can use to essentially look like into purchasing better stocks.

Of course, what you want to do is, if you're doing long term and the best thing just make sure to do the fundamental analysis. 

Like all those but that's just a quick tip and the trick that you can utilize yahoo finance or if you want to essentially find and filter out for companies.

Now, another big thing that I tend to use is I believe it's in the market data, so you have two categories at the top.

Stock Gainers and Stock Losers-

You have Stock Gainers, and you have Stock Losers. If you click stock gainers, you're going to see the major companies that are performing like the best just for today.

 As you can see a lot of these companies are basically Penny Stocks, which depending on your like area of expertise like you can definitely get into it.

But I would definitely recommend doing a lot more research on those companies, make sure to check the Volume. because the volume is probably one of the most essential things when you're doing B Trading or Penny Stocks.

Heat Map

If you want to filter it out so you can do as well as you can have a Heat Map. And, if you click over here you're going to receive the Heat Map overview and these are basically the top to bottom type of performer.

You can really utilize that something  comes probably very handy, you can also do like the losers on the opposite side

If you're maybe even Short Selling, like you could use this category to find the losers stocks and filter out something like for this specific day, that's pretty helpful I got saying.

You have World Indices, if you click over here, basically see how the markets are doing compared to other markets, so on.

You guys know like the stocks it's not just limited to Dow Jones or Nasdaq or Toronto Stock Exchange. There are a lot of different, markets worldwide and Japan and Asia and other countries.

This is very handy if you want to like compare and see how the markets are performing and a lot of these markets they're basically in or listed

So, the meaning that, if the Chinese Markets are doing good for the most part, if the economy's been good the US Markets will do so as well

If the Chinese Markets are doing bad vice-versa the US Markets can be not doing as good.

 This is very helpful just make sure to look at that also another thing is currencies, make sure to always keep track of your currencies because if you're Canadian and if you're trading US Stocks or vice-versa

And if you buy Canadian Stocks you can actually lose a lot of money on foreign exchange.

So, that's something you always have to keep a track for it and especially when you're selling it, because when your conscience you realize your loss or gain.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are probably like a cool thing, I know a lot of you support mutual funds Which I have nothing against.

You can see here like this is basically the top to bottom be performers of different mutual funds, but just make sure to do a lot of research because mutual funds you want to make sure to read fun facts like all dive related details, so that's something you can look into.

Industry News

Industry News is the other biggest thing that you should for sure to analyze. So let's say if you're buying bank stocks you want to go into the financial sector.

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Right now, with the Coronavirus, I don't think it's the greatest situation although the market has been up to today and just make sure to check up on the latest industry news just to see if how the performance is at the very bottom.

Where you can see, there are different alerts, there are different articles that are being liked for it from different-different companies.

Yahoo Finance we do permanent outlets of different sources which you can essentially use and that will be very helpful when you're actually doing like Blogs or Investing.

So those are basically the main features of Yahoo Finance, let me see if I can find anything else for you

If you are trading anything related to Commodities like Metals, Precious Metals all that stuff you can look into buying commodities.

But I think also like one thing to actually use on Yahoo Finance is the calendar feature. So calendar will basically tell you of any upcoming earnings anything related to like splits IPOs pricing.

This is very important, because if you want to take advantage of IPOs. You can look at the calendar and see what's happening. 

For example, if you click on the 9th of April you're going to see that there's an IPO Event.

Thursday, the 9th and it is on this specific company and sometimes a lot in these companies the on IPO. 

You can literally make 20% return, it's been a good market a condition so you can look into buying IPOs and so forth.

So that pretty much sums up the main part of Yahoo Finance, you can I believe I haven't done this myself but you can also connect your brokerage websites directly to Yahoo Finance

So that way if you're essentially like buying stocks you can have it directly reflect on Yahoo Finance and it's interconnected it might come in handy especially if your brokerage service doesn't provide as many resources as this website does.

You can import stuff export your Portfolio, Watchlist, create new views all that stuff.

And I would say like out of probably ten stars, I would give yahoo finance a good eight and a half to nine stars they provide a lot of like good resources and this will essentially help a lot of investors with keeping track of their investments learning more and keep in chocolate the market.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Post (Best way how to use Yahoo Finance in 2020!!! Step-by-Step), I don't want to keep this for too long but if you do have any questions just make sure to leave them down below in the comments

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